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School of Marxism

The School of Marxism of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics used to be the teaching and research section of Marxism-Leninism and Common Compulsory Course founded in March 1982. In December 1983, the Teaching and Research Section of Common Compulsory Course changed into the Department of Basic Courses; in November 1989, the Teaching and Research Section of Marxism-Leninism was changed into the Instructional Division of Marxism-Leninism; in June 1993, the Instructional Division of Marxism-Leninism and the Department of Economics were merged for office; in May 1999, Teaching School of Marxism-Leninism Course was established; and in June 2011, the Teaching School of Marxism-Leninism Course was re-named the School of Marxism. With years of construction and development, our department has been developed into the main position and channel for the implementation of ideological and political education in our university and has become an important base for theoretical research and publicizing education of Marxism.

The School of Marxism has a group of teachers with positive and progressive attitudes and diversified professional backgrounds. At present, there are 27 teachers in total, including 1 chief professor, 2 professors, 7 associate professors, 8 doctors, 1 doctoral student and 10 masters. The department has set up 4 Teaching and Research Sections, ie. the Teaching and Research Section for Basic Principle of Marxism, Teaching and Research Section for Sinolization of Marxism, Teaching and Research Section for Development History of Marxism, Teaching and Research Section for Ideological and Political Education, as well as the Education Center of Ideological and Political Practice and the Research Institute of Economic Ethics.

The department undertakes the teaching of public compulsory course for ideological and political theory in the entire university, the teaching task of general education modules of “philosophical wisdom and scientific spirits” of undergraduate students and junior college students and the cultivation for graduate students majoring in “Ethnics” and “Ideological and Political Education”. It guides students to persist in socialistic idea and belief with Chinese characteristics and master the scientific theory and method of Marxism, and cultivates students to be solid Marxists and practitioner with scientific opinion on development.

Basic principle of Marxism is regarded as the course reference and methodological guidance for discipline construction. Moreover, the discipline construction emphasizes particularly on the research for theoretical result of sinicized Marxism and provides theoretical support and policy consulting for local economic construction and construction of harmonious society in connection with the practical situation in Yunnan province.

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