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School of Business Management

On the basis of undergraduate education, the School of Business Management emphasizes on master's degree education with a focus on the quality of education, striving to enhance the practical and innovation capability of the students. Adhering to the education mode combining "expertise, task performance, innovation, practice and sound personality", the School intends to foster talents with strong practical capabilities in thinking, communication and writing skills; also, based on the concept of "gathering elites to create value", the School is making efforts to foster MBA talents with both international perspective and regional characteristics. 

The School offers one of the first key disciplines in Yunnan Province, i.e. Enterprise Management. It also offers 1 provincial key major (Business Administration), 1 provincial excellence major (Business Administration), 1 provincial experimental area for innovative talent education mode (Human Resources Management), 3 provincial exquisite courses (Management, Human Resources Management and Enterprise Strategic Management), and 1 provincial bilingual model course (Human Resources Management), gaining strengths in 4 disciplinary orientations: enterprise management theory, organization and strategic management, small and medium enterprises management, as well as human resource management. The course "International Trade Theories and Policies" of the School has been selected as a national bilingual model course, and the course "Marketing" has been awarded first prize of national-level excellent teaching materials. There are more than 10 state-level, ministry-level or provincial planned teaching materials; and the courses "Marketing" and "Market Survey" have been selected as a class-A excellence course of Yunnan province.

With strong research capability, the School is actively undertaking research projects for the state, government authorities, enterprises and public institutions and also providing consultation services for policy-makers. It has accomplished more than 40 consultation and other projects for the government of Yunnan. The School has undertaken more than 25 diagnostic and consultation projects for large and medium enterprises in Yunnan province. Since 2004, it has undertaken 4 national-level projects, 32 provincial and ministry-level projects, 27 local and department-level projects and 61 cross-wise projects. The School has published 344 research papers in various journals and more than 70 monographs and teaching materials.

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