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          Outsource Outsourcing Company is a professional team based on real learning and real practice for a long time. From the experience of the management and the team, ANA   team realizes the importance of management. Organizational management for efficiency In order to reduce unnecessary work processes, the shortage of workers who need that specific expertise in order to increase operational efficiency is essential. Of every organization 

          1. Get a service as a consultant to promote foreign language courses. 

          2. Receive service as a consultant, training in foreign languages ​​inside and outside the place.

          3. Receive service as a consultant requesting to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand Prepare grot documents, documents for all types of extension requests within and outside the country, coordinating with relevant government agencies.

          4. Get foreign language translation services for all languages. Ready to be certified with government agencies

          5. Get a service as a consultant. Foreign language training Training on the development of internal and external organizations

          6. Receive training to use the car inside and outside the place.

          7. Counseling service to study in the country and abroad, universities in China, Malaysia, Singapore High School, Diploma of Hospitality, Management and IT and Preparation for Univesity Studies.  

           8. Receive training services ETT teaching skill development course      

           9. Marriage registration consultation service Register for adoption Document preparation Translation and notarized documents from government agencies    


            10. Document preparation service Grind All types of extension requests Coordinate with relevant departments In order to enter the legal criteria 

            11.Document preparation service Grind Establishment of the Company

             12.Document preparation service Grind A certified document from the relevant agency for 90 days reporting. Letter of recommendation to apply for a driver's license.

             13. Advisory services for working for teachers' licenses for government schools and organizations that lack skilled personnel. Preparation work. Grind Contact the relevant department.

             14. Counseling service for continuing education at all levels of language school Private university school

              15. Graphic Design Services Logo 

                        Outsource benefits

          1. The company can reduce the size but the capacity is the same
          2. The company can fight with large companies in a close way
          3. The company can reduce the cost a lot, both in terms of people, welfare, tools
          4. Companies can focus on what is important. Towards more companies such as customer relations Researching, developing, marketing, etc., that is, higher efficiency The profits will be higher, both per unit and the number of employees of the company.

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เมื่อวาน 386
ทั้งหมด 172,584
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เมื่อวาน 406
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