Arna Education and Service Co., Ltd., taxpayer registration number 0105557091423 Founded on January 1, 2014 as Outsource Services, outsourcing services, educational promotion services. Foreign language courses Academic Foreign Language Education Personnel The management of the organization system to have a standard to have a pattern, managed by a team of professionals, Professional Management with knowledge, expertise, professional management. Considered a factor Of organizational success Leadership Skills are structured to be in line with the relevant departments To reduce costs Operation steps In administration In each sheet, achieve the goal and be successful. For organizations that lack specific skills On the practical side to be successful, skillful and understand the operating procedures. ANA values ​​service to excellence. To give customers the impression of service Tell in the impression that the service is professional, reliable, transparent and straightforward at a friendly price. Focus on accountability and the achievement of the work is essential. Past results, ANA team has been successful in recruiting qualified education personnel, personnel management for schools, organizations. 

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วันนี้ 246
เมื่อวาน 190
ทั้งหมด 162,540
วันนี้ 248
เมื่อวาน 219
ทั้งหมด 242,112
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Arna Education and Services Company Limited
Rangsiya Housing Estate, Sukhumvit Road,
Punawithi Lane, Bang Chak Sub-district,
Phra Khanong District, Bangkok  
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